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The "electronics industry" surrounding the Group is currently undergoing a period of major change. In addition to rapid technological innovation (launch of 5G service, IoT penetration, CASE in the automobile market, etc.), against the backdrop of the rise of Chinese manufacturers and the rapid expansion of U.S.-based IT platform companies, an "unprecedented wave of change" is taking place that threatens the business fields in which Japanese companies have traditionally been strong and competitive, and "electronics industry" is at the center of this trend.

Under these market conditions, the Group has formulated its Medium-term Corporate Strategy "elematec NEXT." The strategy aims to capture new demand and achieve further growth by responding flexibly to changes and continuously creating added value, rather than relying solely on past successes.

【Basic policy】

In addition to the "on-site capabilities" that has been cultivated over many years by responding to the needs of our customers, we will integrate service functions such as Think (planning and development/design), Network (procurement agency service), Manufacturing (manufacturing services), support (quality and environmental management), and Transport (overseas networking and logistics) to support them, and will promote a business strategy to increase our corporate value as a "integrated service company" to respond to the increasingly diverse needs of our customers.

【Challenges to address (basic strategy)】

Challenges to address (basic strategy)
Challenges to address (basic strategy)