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The Elematec Group consists of Elematec Corporation and 22 other affiliated companies located both within Japan and overseas. We have created a global service network to provide excellent distribution of products and information. This network allows us to supply electronic parts and materials to worldwide manufacturers of electronic products from our 23 Japan-based locations and 40 locations overseas.

The electronics industry is expected to continue development in a number of areas as well as creating demand for new products resulting from the advent of innovative new technology. Accordingly, Japanese electronics manufacturers are expected to achieve more sophisticated cost management, distribution, quality and environmental compliance. Moreover, there are calls for enhanced global supply capabilities.

Elematec strives to become an essential partner in manufacturing to electronics manufacturers of the future.

Elematec Corporation concluded a “Capital and Business Alliance Agreement” with TOYOTA TSUSHO CORPORATION on August 1, 2011. Based on this agreement, we are confident in creating a synergy effect benefiting both companies with mutual growth.

We appreciate your continuing patronage.

President Jun Kato