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As of June .26, 2019


Position Name
Chairman of the Board Jun Kato
President Akira Yokode
Exective Managing Director Nobuo Suzuki
Exective Managing Director Atsushi Shimizu
Exective Managing Director Sei Kawafuji
Member of the Board Mitsuhiro Tsubakimoto
Member of the Board Yasuhiro Kakihara
Member of the Board Sosuke Seki
Member of the Board Tatsumi Maeda


Position Name
Audit & Supervisory Board Member(Full-Time) Koichi Hiraga
Audit & Supervisory Board Member(Full-Time) Atsuo Isogami
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Hiroshi Mizukami
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Yoshihiro Shiji

Executive Officers

Position Name
Senior Managing Director Masanori Kitahira
Senior Managing Director Shigeru Ino
Managing Director Yoshihiro Hashimoto
Managing Director So Tahara
Managing Director Tsutomu Kishishita
Managing Director Masahiro Fukami