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Board of Directors Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board Audit & Supervisory Board
Corporate Div.
Corporate Planning & Human Resources Development Dept. Human Resources & General Affairs Dept. Business Support Dept. Finance & Accounting Dept. Information Technology Promotion Office Logistics Dept. Trade Control Office
Internal Auditing Office
Environment Preservation & Quality Assurance Dept.
Design Dept.
Mechanical Group

※Consists of a ”mechatronics design team” and a ”manufacturing engineering team”.

System Design Group

※Consists of a ”hardware design team” and a ”software development team”.

Marketing & Development Div.
Marketing & Development Group Ⅰ Marketing & Development Group Ⅱ Business Strategy Group Automotive Group
Overseas Dept.
Overseas Sales Group Ⅰ Overseas Sales Group Ⅱ
Sales Div.
Head Office Sales Dept. Ⅰ Head Office Sales Group Ⅱ Head Office Sales Group Ⅲ Head Office Sales Group Ⅳ Head Office Sales Group Ⅴ Customer Parts Sales Dept. Head Office Sales Operation Group Sendai Branch - Nasu Branch Kumagaya Branch - Omiya Branch Chiba Branch Hachioji Branch Yokohama Branch Nagaoka Branch Kanazawa Branch Ueda Branch Mishima Branch - Nagoya Branch - Kariya Branch Kyoto Main Branch Kyoto Main Branch Sales Group I Kyoto Main Branch Sales Group II Osaka Branch Kobe Branch Hiroshima Branch Fukuoka Branch -