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Trade name Elematec Corporation
Founded April, 1947
Representative corporate
executive officer
President Jun Kato
Operating base 3-5-27, Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Capital 2.142 billion yen
Consolidated and unit sales
(The fiscal year ended March 2018)
Consolidated 196.2 billion yen
Non-consolidated 153.2 billion yen
(As of Mar 31,2017)
Consolidated 1,179
Unit 430
Domestic offices 21 locations
Overseas offices 40 locations
identification code
2715 (The first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange)

1947Apr. Takachiho Electric is established as an electric insulation materials trading company in Minato-ku, Tokyo.
2001Jun. Obtains ISO 14001 certification.
2002Jun. Listed on JASDAQ Securities Exchange.
2003Dec. Goes public on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
2005Mar. Designated as an issue for the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Dec. Obtains ISO 9001 certification.
2009Oct. Takachiho Electric and Ohnishi Denki were merged, and the trade name was changed to Elematec.
2011Aug. Concluded capital and business alliance agreement with TOYOTA TSUSHO CORPORATION.
2014Dec. Absorption-type merger of TOMUKI CORPORATION.

Sales composition by geographical segment

1.Mission ●To provide new values by expanding our good relationships.
2.Management policies ●To provide a multitude of quality products and services globally. ●To constantly strive for self-improvement and to seek sustained growth for betterment of social credibility ●Strive to maximize corporate value while emphasizing corporate governance with due consideration to the environment and safety.
3.Principles ●Respect customer’s needs and be trusted as a “manufacturing partner” ●Actively exchange views and take on challenges with enthusiasm, speed and teamwork. ●Each employee shall strive for self improvement and place emphasis onequal opportunities and fair evaluation. ●Pursue happiness and well-being of employees and growth as a group.