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Financial Summary

(Unit: million of yen)

  Fiscal year 2023 Fiscal year 2024
Cash flows from operating activities
  Income before income taxes11,0867,515
  Depreciation and amotization1,1331,193
  Impairment loss4380
  Increase(decrease) in allowance for doubtful accounts260▲ 2,842
  Decrease(increase) in notes and accounts receivable-trade4,49811,226
  Decrease(increase) in claims provable in bankruptcy▲ 2762,934
  Decrease(increase) in inventories1,052393
  Increase(decrease) in notes and accounts payable-trade▲ 9,075▲ 3,228
  Other,net▲ 66399
  Interest and dividends income received65110
  Interest expense paid▲ 73▲ 59
  Income taxes(paid) refund▲ 3,140▲ 3,173
  Net cash proveded by (used in)operating activities4,91014,250
Cash flows from investing activities
  Purchase of property,plant and equipment▲ 860▲ 1,048
  Purchase of intangible assets▲ 58▲ 62
  Rent income received6674
  Other,net▲ 20▲ 123
  Net cash proveded by (used in)investing activities▲ 872▲ 1,160
Cash flows from financing activities
  Short-term loans payable651▲ 894
  Repayments of lease liabilities▲ 371▲ 457
  Cash dividends paid▲ 2,580▲ 3,644
Net cash provided by(use in)financing activities▲ 2,299▲ 4,996
Effect of exchange rate change on cash and cash equivalents4751,079
Cash and cash equivalents2,2139,172
Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of period30,75332,966
Cash and cash equivalents at end of period32,96642,139
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