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Financial Summary

(Unit: million of yen)

Assets section Fiscal year 2020 Fiscal year 2021
Current assets
  Cash and deposits23,38727,877
  Notes and accounts receivable-trade50,29854,678
  Allowance for doubtful accounts▲ 33▲ 21
  Total current assets86,27695,333
Non-current assets
  Property,plant and equipment
    Buildings and structures2,1792,221
      Accumulated depreciation▲ 1,489▲ 1,572
      Buildings and structures,net689649
      Accumulated depreciation▲ 1,419▲ 1,987
    Total property,plant and equipment3,1853,190
  Intangible assets
    Distribution right14141
    Total intangible assets472394
  Investments and other assets
    Investment securities359587
    Deferred tax assets645765
    Real estate for investment332322
    Claims provable in bankruptcy3,2532,927
    Net defined benefit asset67277
    Allowance for doubtful accounts▲ 3,270▲ 2,945
    Total investments and other assets1,8462,398
  Total non-current assets5,5045,984
Total assets91,781101,317

(Unit: million of yen)

Liabilities and Equity section Fiscal year 2020 Fiscal year 2021
Current liabilities
  Notes and accounts payable-trade36,80941,637
  Short-term loans payable-138
  Income taxes payable425787
  Provision for bonuses350359
  Total current liabilities39,74845,619
Non-current liabolities
  Deferred tax liabilities777946
  Net defined benefit liability102128
  Total non-current liabilities1,1361,284
Total liabilities40,88546,903
Shareholders equity
  Capital stock2,1422,142
  Capital surplus3,3353,335
  Retained earnings46,03948,560
  Treasury stock▲ 694▲ 694
  Total shareholders equity50,82353,343
Accumlated other comprehensive income
  Valuation defference on available-for-sale securities72221
  Foreign currency translation adjustment▲ 41662
  Remeasurements of defined benefit plans41185
  Total accumlated other comprehensive income731,069
Total net assets50,89654,413
Total liabilities and assets91,781101,317
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