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Financial Summary

(Unit: million of yen)

Assets section Fiscal year 2022 Fiscal year 2023
Current assets
  Cash and deposits30,75332,966
  Notes and accounts receivable-trade61,22457,906
  Allowance for doubtful accounts▲ 16▲ 1
  Total current assets108,996107,306
Non-current assets
  Property,plant and equipment
    Buildings and structures2,2122,294
      Accumulated depreciation▲ 1,592▲ 1,693
      Buildings and structures,net620600
      Accumulated depreciation▲ 2,633▲ 3,189
    Total property,plant and equipment3,2763,431
  Intangible assets
    Distribution right2-
    Total intangible assets323287
  Investments and other assets
    Investment securities555547
    Deferred tax assets1,0611,186
    Real estate for investment312302
    Claims provable in bankruptcy3,3413,645
    Net defined benefit asset322366
    Allowance for doubtful accounts▲ 3,359▲ 3,664
    Total investments and other assets2,7362,887
  Total non-current assets6,3366,606
Total assets115,332113,913

(Unit: million of yen)

Liabilities and Equity section Fiscal year 2022 Fiscal year 2023
Current liabilities
  Notes and accounts payable-trade47,91040,311
  Short-term loans payable4031,093
  Income taxes payable1,3661,503
  Provision for bonuses406415
  Total current liabilities54,10946,530
Non-current liabolities
  Deferred tax liabilities1,2101,486
  Net defined benefit liability120128
  Total non-current liabilities1,5781,804
Total liabilities55,68748,335
Shareholders equity
  Capital stock2,1422,142
  Capital surplus3,3353,335
  Retained earnings52,29657,412
  Treasury stock▲ 694▲ 694
  Total shareholders equity57,07962,196
Accumlated other comprehensive income
  Valuation defference on available-for-sale securities189171
  Foreign currency translation adjustment2,1742,999
  Remeasurements of defined benefit plans200211
  Total accumlated other comprehensive income2,5653,381
Total net assets59,64565,577
Total liabilities and assets115,332113,913
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