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Financial Summary

(Unit: million of yen)

Assets section Fiscal year 2023 Fiscal year 2024
Current assets
  Cash and deposits32,96642,139
  Notes and accounts receivable-trade57,90648,856
  Allowance for doubtful accounts▲ 1▲ 92
  Total current assets107,306108,096
Non-current assets
  Property,plant and equipment
    Buildings and structures2,2942,574
      Accumulated depreciation▲ 1,693▲ 1,602
      Buildings and structures,net600972
      Accumulated depreciation▲ 3,189▲ 3,606
    Total property,plant and equipment3,4313,981
  Intangible assets
    Total intangible assets287247
  Investments and other assets
    Investment securities547881
    Deferred tax assets1,186910
    Real estate for investment302293
    Claims provable in bankruptcy3,645852
    Net defined benefit asset366627
    Allowance for doubtful accounts▲ 3,664▲ 871
    Total investments and other assets2,8873,401
  Total non-current assets6,6067,630
Total assets113,913115,727

(Unit: million of yen)

Liabilities and Equity section Fiscal year 2023 Fiscal year 2024
Current liabilities
  Notes and accounts payable-trade40,31139,180
  Short-term loans payable1,093296
  Income taxes payable1,503260
  Provision for bonuses415427
  Total current liabilities46,53043,884
Non-current liabilities
  Deferred tax liabilities1,4861,598
  Net defined benefit liability128164
  Total non-current liabilities1,8042,314
Total liabilities48,33546,198
Shareholders equity
  Capital stock2,1422,142
  Capital surplus3,3353,335
  Retained earnings57,41259,136
  Treasury stock▲ 694▲ 694
  Total shareholders equity62,19663,919
Accumlated other comprehensive income
  Valuation defference on available-for-sale securities171412
  Foreign currency translation adjustment2,9994,824
  Remeasurements of defined benefit plans211372
  Total accumlated other comprehensive income3,3815,609
Total net assets65,57769,529
Total liabilities and assets113,913115,727
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