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Financial Summary

(Unit: million of yen)

Fiscal year 2022 Fiscal year 2023
Net Sales200,646239,774
Cost of sales179,085212,390
Gross Profit21,56027,384
Selling,general and administrative expenses
  Salaries expenses5,6056,349
  Director compensations163177
  Transportation and packing expense2,4622,599
  Statutory benefits901994
  Travel expenses273476
  Depreciation expenses504558
  Provision for bonuses359350
  Retirement benefit expenses190188
  Provision of allowance for doubtful accounts▲ 8259
  Total selling,general and administrative expenses13,21415,331
Operating Income8,34612,052
Non-operating income
  Interest income2550
  Dividend income914
  House rent income9184
  Gain on investments in partnerships12-
  Gain on sale of property, plant and equipment290
  Total non-operating income201190
Non-operating expenses
  Interest expenses2473
  House rent expenses3626
  Foreign exchange losses558993
  Total non-operating expenses6801,112
Ordinary Income7,86711,130
Extraordinary losses
  Impairment loss20743
  Total extraordinary losses20743
Income before income taxes7,66011,086
Income taxes-current2,2383,231
Income taxes-deferred48158
Total income taxes2,2863,390
Net Income5,3747,696
Net Income attributable to owners of parent5,3747,696
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