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Management Information

President  Jun Kato/Chairman of the board Sakurai Satoshi

We will strengthen our efforts for posting new record-high profits for two consecutive years and for sustained growth in the future.

Financial results for the second quarter of the 77th fiscal year (from April 2022 to September 2022) and business environment

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of our shareholders for their continued support.

In the electronics industry during the second quarter of the fiscal year under review, although China’s zero-COVID policy affected and delayed production activities, the production of electronic parts steadily increased supported by demand in various sectors, such as from the increasing electrification of automobiles, 5G-related demand and industrial equipment demand.

Under such environment, we have focused on sales activities for various automotive-related materials, and as a result we have managed to achieve a year-on-year increase in both consolidated sales and profits for the second quarter of the fiscal year, posting record-highs for both.

Full-year business forecast and dividends

In addition to the effects of the weak yen versus the exchange rate initially assumed, and supported by the strong sales for automotive and game console-related materials, we have upwardly revised our performance forecast announced on April 22, 2022, and expect to post record-high profits for the second consecutive year. Taking the above into consideration, we have recalculated the dividend and have decided to pay 27 yen per share as interim dividend and expect to pay 47 yen per share as year-end dividend for the current fiscal year. As a result, the annual dividend is predicted to be 74 yen per share.

We are now in the final year of our Medium-term Corporate Strategy “Elematec NEXT.” We believe that steady implementation of our priority measures to maximize the strengths of the Company group has resulted in achieving the current excellent performance. In addition to the full completion of our Medium-term Corporate Strategy, we will be actively pursuing new measures for continuous growth of the Company group.

We sincerely ask our shareholders for their continued understanding and support.

December 2022

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