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Management Information

President  Jun Kato/Chairman of the board Sakurai Satoshi

We will strive to achieve the Medium-term Corporate Strategy "Elematec NEXT".

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our shareholders for their continued support.

For the current consolidated fiscal year (FY2022), although the severe situation due to COVID-19 persisted, we focused on automotive and ODM businesses, and as a result, both sales and profits increased year on year.

The Medium-term Corporate Strategy "Elematec NEXT" is in its final year of implementation.

While adapting to changes in the social environment due to the spread of COVID-19, we have steadily promoted each priority measure with an eye on the optimal allocation of management resources. This fiscal year, we will strive to maximize results, and the entire Group will work together to achieve our Medium-term Corporate Strategy. Looking further ahead, we will aim for sustainable growth to be a company that contributes to solving social issues.

We sincerely ask our shareholders for their continued understanding and support.

May 2022

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