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President  Jun Kato/Chairman of the board Sakurai Satoshi

Promoting “Elematec (Cross)”to enhance profitability

I thank our shareholders for their strong support, and am pleased to offer this interim report on the financial results for the 72nd fiscal year, covering the period from April 1 to September 30, 2017.

In the second quarter of the current consolidated fiscal year, the Japanese economy continued its gradual recovery in terms of employment and income, but uncertainty remains in light of the unpredictable global economy buffeted by Brexit, the United States’ protectionist economic policies, and the rising geopolitical risks in the Middle East and North Korea. In the electronics industry, with demand for advanced-function smartphones and IoT-related devices and the growing percentage of electrical and electronic components being installed in automobiles, production of electronic components and other related products was firm for the quarter. Sales of white goods were steady overall, particularly in room air-conditioners, despite poor weather in certain areas.

Under these circumstances, the Elematec Group concentrated its sales activities in the areas of smartphone devices, display-related parts, and various automobile parts. These efforts resulted in increases in sales, operating income, ordinary income and quarterly net income attributable to the parent for the 2nd quarter of the current consolidated fiscal year.

In light of the above earnings situation and the projections for the full year, as previously advised, the decision has been made to pay an interim dividend of 25 yen per share.

The Elematec Group adopted the “Elematec (Cross)” slogan this fiscal year. Our objective remains to achieve a truly global, efficient management style that will lead to expanded activity and enhanced profitability. Specifically, this will involve implementing measures to increase added value through modularization proposals, directly approaching non-Japanese clientele, and sharing strategies among our group affiliates and with our capital and business alliance partner, Toyota Tsusho Corporation.

We sincerely ask for your continued understanding and support.
December 2017

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