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Response to Climate Change

The Group acknowledges that response to climate change related issues is an important social issue and shall gather necessary data and conduct analysis on how the risks and earning opportunities related to climate change will impact the Group's business activities and profits, etc. As for the approaches being taken for climate change related issues, strategy planning and targets will be established based on identification of risks and opportunities, and will be promptly disclosed based on TCFD or equivalent framework.


The governance for climate change is embedded in the governance for sustainability in general. For issues related to climate change, the Company has established a system where the Sustainability Committee and the Working Group on Climate Change discuss and report matters to the Board of Directors for discussion to ensure that those issues are addressed appropriately under the supervision of the Board of Directors and the direction of the Representative Director.


The Group recognizes issues related to climate change as important social issues. Thus, the Sustainability Committee and the Working Group on Climate Change will identify risks and opportunities related to the impact of climate change on our business activities and profits, conduct scenario analysis and consider countermeasures.
The Group will also work to reduce GHG emissions as part of its policy toward achieving a decarbonized society.

Risk management

The risk management related to climate change is embedded in the risk management for sustainability in general. Against risks related to climate change, the Sustainability Committee and the Working Group on Climate Change will take specific countermeasures and monitor indicators that result from those countermeasures.

Indicators and targets

As part of its policy toward achieving a decarbonized society, the Group’s has set targets of achieving a 50% reduction by FY2030 from the level of the Group’s Scope 1 + Scope 2 GHG emissions in FY2021, and achieving carbon neutrality by FY2050. To achieve these targets, we will work to reduce GHG emissions from our business activities.

ISO Management System

Elematec Corporation contributes to the creation of a better society through its environmental conservation and quality assurance activities. As ecology becomes increasingly important to people throughout the world, companies unavoidably have to face up to environmental problems. Not merely seeking to turn a profit, our company is actively engaged in the conservation of the environment for the good of all humanity. Each and every one of our employees has an awareness of the global environment and the quality assurance challenges associated with the products we supply. By encouraging the reduction of harmful substances in the products we handle we seek to provide both products and services that will make a positive and meaningful contribution to the environment and society as a whole.


Our Environmental Philosophy

ISO policy

  1. We make use of the ISO system to promote net sales and profits and to make a return to society.
  2. We make effective use of the ISO system in order to deliver high-quality products and services.
  3. We work for continuous improvement of operations and legal compliance in order to fulfill our social responsibilities.
  4. We devote efforts to reducing environmental burden and controlling chemical substances as part of our action on the environment.
  5. We work for a deeper understanding of the conservation of biological diversity and study of conflict minerals.
  6. We try the reduction of the risk by risk management.