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In addition to the on-site capabilities we have built up over many years of meeting customers' needs, the Group has leveraged our unique functions in planning and development/design, manufacturing services, and more to develop business in wide- ranging fields including automotive, medical equipment, infrastructure, and energy.

These businesses include many examples of business activities related to each of the SDGs. As a member of society, we are committed to continuing with the promotion of variety of efforts aimed at achieving a sustainable society and long-term growth based on the perspectives of ESG.

The Group's approach to initiatives

The Group's initiatives to realize a sustainable society are generally classified into (1) and (2) below;

Initiatives in All Business Activities

1.Initiatives through sales activities

Products and services, which connect to each goal of SDGs in each market (field) the Group focuses upon, are extracted based on the degree of contribution to society and from the perspective of continuity, etc.

2.Contributing to society as a corporate citizen

The items that contribute to the purposes of SDGs are identified by listing CSR and governance activities the Group is focusing upon.

Examples of initiatives by the Group

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