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Basic Policy on Sustainability

The Elematec Group aims to enhance corporate value by contributing to creating a sustainable society through business activities under its mission to provide new value by expanding our good relationships as a global manufacturing partner. As with addressing risks, we consider efforts to expand business and tackle social issues with environmental considerations important business opportunities.

Promotion Structure

The Elematec Group has been working on initiatives mainly to identify materiality at the Sustainability Promotion Preparatory Office, which was previously held in April 2022. However, we transformed the Preparatory Office into the Sustainability Committee in order to further strengthen initiatives for sustainability. We will establish working groups directly reporting to the Committee to consider, develop, and implement company-wide measures and deepen its activities.

Identification of Materiality

Based on the Basic Policy on Sustainability, the Elematec Group has identified the following materiality to be addressed with priority through its business activities in response to issues that society and the Company are facing. We aim to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and increase our corporate value through these initiatives on materiality.

Elematec Group materiality

Materiality Relevant SDGs Our initiatives
Realization of a safe
and secure society
  • ・Realization of a society without traffic accidents
  • ・Improvement of proper medical environment
Reduction of environmental burdens and realization of a recycling-oriented society
  • ・Distribution of eco-friendly electronic and other materials
  • ・Operation of quality and environmental management systems
  • ・Promotion of recycling activities
  • ・Distribution of electronic and other materials related to clean energy
Construction of organizations
that respect diversity
and grow together
  • ・Respect for human rights
  • ・Expansion of training systems
  • ・Promotion of D&I (diversity & inclusion)
  • ・Workstyle reform
Construction of governance structures trusted
by all stakeholders
  • ・Establishment and strengthening of governance structures and compliance systems
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