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Pro+(Plus) includes the term “pro” in many meanings. For example, Proficient, Productive, Proactive, and Professional...These words represent Elematec’s value chain and include our desire to provide high value-added services.The prefix “pro” comes from Latin, with the meaning “before, forward,” and represents how we, as acompany, “move forward” toward achieving our goals.

Business Environment

The electronics industry surrounding the Group is changing rapidly on a daily basis. It is becoming more important for the Group to respond agilely to changes in demand and deliver added value given fluctuations in growth areas and the growing sophistication and diversification of customer needs associated with improved product performance. This is in addition to the growing need to diversify risks triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine. Furthermore, companies are required to conduct sustainability management that aims to enhance corporate value through business development that takes into consideration environmental and social issues, such as addressing environmental problems that are becoming more serious worldwide, reforming work styles, and promoting D&I.


Basic Policy

We will provide high value-added products and services to capture leading domestic and overseas customers and markets and regions with medium- to long-term potential by strategically integrating our long-established on-site capabilities and five functions (planning and development/design, procurement agency services, manufacturing services, quality and environmental management, and overseas networking and logistics). With the aim of maximizing corporate value, we will also expand and strengthen the management base that supports the Group’s sustainable growth through initiatives that contribute to solving social issues and by actively pursuing M&A, alliances, and the like.

Issues to be Addressed (Fundamental Strategy)


Numerical Target