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Corporate Strategy
(Medium-term Corporate Strategy)

Business Environment

The electronics industry surrounding the Group is changing rapidly on a daily basis. It is becoming more important for the Group to respond agilely to changes in demand and deliver added value given fluctuations in growth areas and the growing sophistication and diversification of customer needs associated with improved product performance. This is in addition to the growing need to diversify risks triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine. Furthermore, companies are required to conduct sustainability management that aims to enhance corporate value through business development that takes into consideration environmental and social issues, such as addressing environmental problems that are becoming more serious worldwide, reforming work styles, and promoting D&I.

  • Geopolitical risks
    and domestic
    and overseas
    market volatility
  • Further advancement
    and diversification
    of customer needs
  • Growing interest in
    sustainability issues
  • Changing
    in work styles
    and increasing

The Group formulated a new three-year Medium-term Corporate Strategy starting in April 2023. To meet the increasingly diverse needs of our customers, we will continue to expand and strengthen our management base, take on the challenge of entering high-growth fields, and manage our business with a focus on sustainability. To pioneer a prosperous future with the power of electronics, we will strive to maximize our corporate value, aiming to be a company that contributes to the realization of a sustainable society and enriches people's lives, while having comprehensive capabilities to meet the changing needs of our customers.

elematec Pro+

the sentiment behind the name

Pro+(Plus) includes the term "pro" in many meanings. For example, Proficient, Productive, Proactive, and Professional...These words represent Elematec's value chain and include our desire to provide high value-added services.The prefix "pro" comes from Latin, with the meaning "before, forward," and represents how we, as acompany, "move forward" toward achieving our goals.


Pioneer a prosperous future with the power of electronics

Basic Policy

We will provide high value-added products and services to capture leading domestic and overseas customers and markets and regions with medium- to long-term potential by strategically integrating our long-established on-site capabilities and five functions (planning and development/design, procurement agency services, manufacturing services, quality and environmental management, and overseas networking and logistics). With the aim of maximizing corporate value, we will also expand and strengthen the management base that supports the Group's sustainable growth through initiatives that contribute to solving social issues and by actively pursuing M&A, alliances, and the like.

Fundamental Strategy


Strengthen high value-added businesses

  • Expand module business and ODM business by leveraging or original planning and development/design function
  • Strengthen development
    of competitive offerings


Cultivate leading domestic and overseas customers

  • Full-scale business with major U.S. and Chinese customers
  • Win business from customers with a global presence


Focus on the automotive field

  • Win business from overseas Tier 1 majors
  • Expand offerings in line with automotive electrification


Cultivate Potential Areas on a Full Scale Basis

  • Reinforce spec-in activities and expand network of bases in Europe and the U.S.
  • Strengthen development of customers and suppliers/partners in ASEAN


Strengthen the functions of the Marketing & Development Division

  • Establish a specialized team to strengthen cooperation with the Toyota Tsusho Group, in addition to planning and promoting company-wide strategies, creating new businesses, and identifying and executing investment and financing projects.


Expand customer base and business domains through M&A and alliances

  • Identify companies that have sales channels to target customers or have affinity with the electronics industry
  • Identify companies with technology and talent that can contribute to value-added improvement of existing businesses


Sustainability and human capital initiatives

  • Activate working groups around materiality
  • Promote human capital management, including talent development and implementation of measures to improve engagement

1. Strengthen high value-added businesses

In addition to strengthening our original planning and development and design functions, we will also strengthen our ability to propose modularization and finished products (ODM) based on these functions. Furthermore, we will use both highly functional Japanese-made products and products made in emerging countries that are competitively priced to propose optimal solutions that meet customer needs.

2. Cultivate leading domestic and overseas customers

To acquire leading customers in Japan, China and the United States, we will focus on allocating management resources by establishing a new dedicated team and opening our own outlets in customer development sites. Furthermore, by leveraging the technological and quality control capabilities that we have strengthened to date, we will seek to expand our customer base by exploring deeper into customer needs and providing competitive products and value-added services.

3. Focus on the automotive field

To respond to rapid technological innovation such as CASE (connected, autonomous, sharing, and electrification), we will further accelerate the speed of growth by allocating management resources in a focused manner, as well as utilizing the Toyota Tsusho Group's various functions, know-how, and overseas network of sites.

4. Cultivate potential areas on a full-scale basis

We will engage in full-scale development in Europe, the United States, and ASEAN, which are potential areas with leeway for development for the Group. In Europe and the United States, we will intensively allocate resources mainly to automotive-related businesses and strengthen activities to have our products included in global customers' product specifications. In ASEAN, we anticipate that production will be increasingly transferred from China, so we will closely monitor the trends of our clients and prepare a solid follow-up system by utilizing the Group's network. In addition, we will strengthen our high-value-added businesses by horizontally deploying successful examples of partner development in China in the finished goods business.

5. Strengthen the functions of the Marketing & Development Division

We will review the division's functions in terms of business creation while also strengthening cooperation with the Toyota Tsusho Group and with strategic regions and sites. While retaining the existing market promotion function, the Company will strengthen its strategy and business creation function by establishing a unit to promote company-wide strategies, including the creation of new large-scale businesses beyond market boundaries, and the search for and execution of investment and financing projects.

6. Expand customer base and business domains through M&A and alliances

To promote the expansion of our customer base and business domains, we will aggressively invest in the expansion of sales channels and the acquisition of technology and human resources, while emphasizing alignment with our market strategy and affinity with the electronics industry.

7. Sustainability and human capital initiatives

To develop environmentally friendly businesses and address social issues, the Group has identified materiality issues that should be prioritized through its business operations. We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by activating working groups focused on materiality. Furthermore, we will promote human capital management by implementing measures to develop talent and improve engagement.

Numerical Target

FY2023 FY2026

Net Profit CAGR*

10%or higher

*Compound average annual growth rate

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