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Management Information

  • To provide optimal solutions to meet customer needs and further improve our earning capacity, we will strengthen trust with suppliers, enhance our own planning and development skills, and design functions.
  • In the automotive industry where ongoing customer growth is anticipated, we will expand our business through priority allocation of management resources and through business collaboration with Toyota Tsusho Corporation.
  • The ASEAN market which is often considered in the context of a “China plus one” strategy will be proactively developed to the same scale as our business in China.
  • As well as maintaining sound financial standing, we will proactively implement strategic growth investment to expand our business size, and enhance our planning and development, as well as design function.
  • We will enhance business and risk management including cost reduction and personnel exchange through synergy effect with Toyota Tsusho Group in the joint undertaking of the distribution network. We will also enhance our global business system and management system by performing system development and human resource development.
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