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The Group has newly formulated a three-year Medium-term Corporate Strategy starting in April 2023. While continuing and evolving the measures of the previous medium-term corporate strategy, we will expand and strengthen our management base, take on the challenge of entering fields that are expected to grow significantly in the future, and conduct management with an emphasis on sustainability. In order to pioneer a prosperous future with the power of electronics, we will strive to maximize our corporate value, aiming to be a company that contributes to the realization of a sustainable society and enriches people's lives, while having comprehensive capabilities to meet the changing needs of our customers.

  • Strengthen our value-added businessIn addition to enhancing our unique planning/development and design functions, we will improve our proposal capabilities in modules and finished products (ODM) based on these functions. In addition, we will propose optimal solutions that meet customer needs by effectively using high-performance “Made in Japan” products and high cost performance “Made in emerging country” products.
  • Acquisition of major domestic and overseas customersIn order to acquire major domestic, Chinese, and U.S. customers, we will prioritize the distribution of management resources into such areas as establishing a dedicated team and a base “near the site” where overseas customers decide specifications. We will expand customer bases through the provision of competitive products, value-added services, and more by digging deeper into customer needs with the effective use of technological, quality control, and other capabilities that have been strengthened over the years.
  • Focus on the automotive fieldIn addition to prioritizing the distribution of management resources in response to rapid technological innovation, including CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Sharing, and Electric), we will strive to further accelerate the pace of growth by leveraging the various functions, know-how and network of overseas bases of the Toyota Tsusho Group.
  • Cultivate potential areas on a full scale basisThe Company will engage in full-scale development in Europe, the U.S., and ASEAN, which are potential areas with large room for development for the Group. In Europe and the U.S., we will aggressively allocate resources mainly to the automotive business and strengthen the activity to have our products included in product specifications for global customers. In the ASEAN region, as we anticipate the production transfer from China, we will closely monitor the trends of our customers and prepare a thorough follow-up framework by leveraging our Group's network. In addition, we will strengthen our high value-added business by horizontally promoting successful examples of partner development in China in the finished products business, among others.
  • Strengthen the functions of the Marketing & Development DivisionThe functions of Marketing and Development Division will be reviewed from the perspective of business creation, and collaboration with the Toyota Tsusho Group and strategic regions and bases will be strengthened. While retaining the existing market promotion function, a unit will be established to promote company-wide strategies, including the creation of new large-scale businesses beyond market boundaries and the search for and execution of investment and financing projects, thereby strengthening the strategy and business creation function.
  • Expand customer base and business domains through M&A and AllianceIn order to promote the expansion of our customer base and business domain, we will aggressively invest in the expansion of sales channels and the acquisition of technology and human resources, among others, while emphasizing consistency with our Company’s marketing strategy and affinity with the electronics industry.
  • Sustainability and human capital initiativesIn order to develop businesses considering the global environment and implement initiatives to address social issues, the Group has identified material issues (materiality) that should be prioritized through its business. We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by activating working groups centered on materiality. In addition, we will execute human resources development and engagement enhancement measures, etc. to promote human capital management.
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