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  • Strengthen Our Value-Added BusinessTo provide customers with the optimal solutions to match their needs and to raise our earnings power, we will strengthen our working relationships with our suppliers and our own planning/development and design functions. Based on those relationships and functions, we will also strengthen our capabilities in the area of modularization proposals.
  • Promote Global Business DevelopmentTo expand the Elematec Group’s business in the ASEAN market to a similar scale to that in the Chinese market, we will prioritize the distribution of management resources to that region and pursue a direct approach towards non-Japanese customers. We will also proactively extend our business in Europe and America, thus building a structure that is capable of achieving customer support on a global scale.
  • Strengthen Our Automotive-related BusinessWith future customer growth expected in the automotive-related business, we will prioritize the distribution of management resources to that sector, and leverage our business partnership with Toyota Tsusho Corporation to expand our business in that sector.
  • Implement Growth Strategy InvestmentsWhile maintaining our sound financial health, with the objective of expanding the scale of our business and strengthening our planning/development and design functions, we will actively make strategic investments directed at growth.
  • Strengthen Governance and Risk ManagementTo respond to the various risks, which are becoming increasingly diverse and complex with the changes in the economic environment, we will strive to strengthen our corporate management and control functions through the global roll-out of core IT systems and other means, and to strengthen our global risk management, including credit management.
  • Pursue Synergies with Toyota Tsusho GroupIn addition to seeking cost reductions through the expansion of business in both the automotive and non-automotive sectors and through sharing of logistics networks, by leveraging the various functions, know-how and network of overseas bases of the Toyota Tsusho Group, we will pursue the maximization of mutual synergies and strive to further accelerate the pace of growth.
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