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The Elematec Group launched the three-year Medium-term Business Strategy titled “elematec NEXT” in April 2020. In an increasingly competitive electronics industry, we aim to be a global manufacturing partner by integrating such service functions as Think (Planning and development/design), Network (Procurement agency service), Manufacturing (Manufacturing service), Support (Quality and environmental management), and Transport (Overseas networking and logistics) and executing the following strategies as an integrated service company that responds to customers’ increasingly diversified needs.

  • Strengthen our value-added businessIn addition to enhancing our unique planning/development and design functions, we will improve our proposal capabilities in modules and finished products (ODM) based on these functions. In addition, we will propose optimal solutions that meet customer needs by effectively using high-performance “Made in Japan” products and high cost performance “Made in emerging country” products.
  • Acquisition of major domestic and overseas customersIn order to acquire major domestic, Chinese, and U.S. customers, we will prioritize the distribution of management resources into such areas as establishing a dedicated team and a base “near the site” where overseas customers decide specifications. We will expand customer bases through the provision of competitive products, value-added services, and more by digging deeper into customer needs with the effective use of technological, quality control, and other capabilities that have been strengthened over the years.
  • Strengthen our automotive-related businessIn addition to prioritizing the distribution of management resources in response to rapid technological innovation, including CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Sharing, and Electric), we will strive to further accelerate the pace of growth by leveraging the various functions, know-how and network of overseas bases of the Toyota Tsusho Group.
  • Implement growth strategy investmentsTo promote the above business strategies, we will actively make investments, including alliances with other companies and M&As, with the objectives of acquiring talented human resources, strengthening our planning/development and design functions, and acquiring new products and commercial rights, while maintaining our sound financial health.
  • Strengthening of corporate governanceWe will strengthen our corporate governance by fully engaging in activities related to risk management, internal controls, compliance, and other related areas with the objectives of ensuring soundness, transparency, and efficiency of management that meets the trust of all stakeholders, achieving sustainable growth, and increasing corporate value.
  • Development of global human resourcesTo secure human resources in order to win global competition in an increasingly competitive electronics industry, we will facilitate the hiring of excellent human resources, systematic implementation of education, promotion of diversity (D&I), well-planned personnel rotation, including overseas postings, and more.
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