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Disclosure of corporate information

  • Topics
  • Timely and proper transmission of information
  • Enhanced internal control over financial reports
  • Activities in focus
  • Recognizing information disclosure as an important management issue, the Elematec Group considers it essential to maintain proper transparency through information disclosure in order to secure understanding of various stakeholders. We are thus committed not only to complying with legally required disclosures in timely and proper manners but also to proactively disclosing information that may be disclosed on the voluntary bases, so that our shareholders can acquire useful information for their investment decisions.

Thorough compliance and enhanced risk management

  • Topics
  • Understanding and spread of Code of Business Practice and Code of Ethical Conduct
  • Enhancement of risk management system
  • Thorough implementation of information security
  • Compliance with transaction-related laws and regulations
  • Activities in focus
  • <Compliance>To accomplish the management mission of “To Expand Good Relations and Create New Values for Society,” the Elematec Group has established the “Code of Business Practice” and the “Code of Ethical Conduct” based primarily on legal/regulatory compliance, and performs various activities to ensure that these Codes are thoroughly communicated to, and spread understanding by, all officers and employees. <Risk management>The Elematec Group is committed to risk avoidance through enhancement of awareness about compliance with not only public laws/regulations but also internal regulations and rules, etc., and to implementation of measures for minimizing business risks through protection of corporate assets and reputation, as well as stakeholders’ rights, through application of risk management based on regular analyses of, and proper actions against, risks in various fields.
    We also enhance our organization system for preparedness for emergency situations by establishing the business continuity plan (BCP).
  • Code of Business Practice for officers and employees
  • Each officer/employee needs to be fully aware of the Code of Business Practice and to regulate his/her conduct conscientiously.
  • * Act in full compliance with public laws and regulations, etc. under any circumstances.
  • * Promote fair, transparent, and free competition.
  • * Maintain sound and just relationships with political/administrative authorities.
  • * Act sternly against any anti-social forces.
  • * In overseas markets, respect local culture and customs, and manage business so that it can contribute to development of local communities.
  • * Actively contribute to society as a good corporate citizen.
  • Information security policy
  • Elematec Corporation, with its subsidiaries, (hereafter collectively referred to as the “Elematec Group”), firmly establishes its position in the electronics industry and aims at further business development by providing our customers and business partners with multiple services. To this end, we have developed the “Information Security Policy” (hereafter referred to as the “Policy”) based on the recognition that it is essential to emphasize security for information assets and enhance measures to prevent information leakage. The Elematec Group is firmly committed to compliance with the Policy and to proper maintenance of our information security management system.
  • “Information assets” subject to the Policy include information that has been known to the Elematec Group through its business activities and all other information retained by the Elematec Group for its business.
  • The Elematec Group will endeavor to protect all information assets retained, and establish an information security management system to win social trust through our consistent compliance with laws and regulations, etc. concerning information security.
  • We will appoint the “information security manager,” whose roles are performed by the “Chairman of the Board”
  • We will establish and observe internal regulations based on public laws/regulations, etc. relating to information security and the Policy.
  • Information security audits are performed regularly to check the status of compliance with regulations, etc.; and the audit results are reported to the “information security manager.” At a management meeting convened by the “Chairman of the Board,” company-wide information security compliance status will be reported to discuss and coordinate relevant measures and improvement possibilities, as necessary.
  • We will establish robust systems to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, manipulation, loss, and damage affecting information assets. In structuring the information systems, the highest priority will be given to security measures.
  • We ensure that all members of the Elematec Group can perform their duties with full understanding of information security.
  • When business operations and information asset maintenance activities are outsourced to external service providers, they are thoroughly examined as to their qualifications, and requested to maintain the same security level as applied at the Elematec Group. We will constantly review these external service providers to confirm that the required security level is properly maintained.

Respect for humanity and proper maintenance of employees’ work environment

  • Topics
  • Maintenance of safe and healthy work environment
  • Respecting human rights and understanding global cultural differences
  • Elimination of discrimination and harassment
  • Effective utilization of diverse human resources, development of professional capabilities, and implementation of fair evaluations
  • Activities in focus
  • At the Elematec Group, “human resources” are considered to be part of important management resources.
    We ensure not only that local laws/regulations concerning recruitment, employment, and labor management of human resources are thoroughly observed in relevant countries but also that the “Code of Business Practice” and the “Code of Ethical Conduct” of the Elematec Group are distributed to all officers and employees to raise their awareness. Through these efforts, we are dedicated to maintaining and securing health and safety of all officers and employees, to respecting human rights, local cultures and customs of different countries and regions, and to elimination of discrimination, as well as fair and equitable treatment and provision of equal opportunities. We are also ready to accept diverse human resources for harnessing organizational energy, and to create opportunities for utilizing those resources.

Winning trust of business partners, and mutual development

  • Topics
  • Construction of business relationships based on fair rules
  • Establishment of trust-based relationships through smooth communication, and mutual development
  • Activities in focus
  • In order to win trust as a “manufacturing partner,” the Elematec Group endeavors to promote fair procurement and optimized transactions for providing various and high quality products and global services, and mutual development with all business partners.
    The Elematec Group also collaborates closely with all business partners, including our clients and suppliers, gives proper consideration for legal/regulatory compliance, environmental measures, and harmonized acts with society, to fulfill our social responsibilities as a corporate citizen.
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