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The Elenatec Group conducts CSR activities for promoting "good relationships with society" stated in our management mission.

Good Relationships with Society

How corporate activities should be performed
  1. Disclosure of corporate information
  2. Thorough compliance and enhanced risk management
  3. Respect for humanity and proper maintenance of employees' work environment
  4. Winning trust of business partners, and mutual development
How to act as a responsible member of society
  1. Global environmental actions and preservation
  2. Peaceful coexistence with local communities and promotion of social CSR activities
  3. Communications with stakeholders

To promote the above CSR activity policy, Elematec has established detailed codes of conduct to be followed by all officers and employees pursuant to the "Action Guidelines" and the "Code of Business Practice," and distributed the booklets of those codes to ensure that they can be thoroughly communicated to, and spread understading by, all officers and employees.

Ten Provisions of Code of Ethical Conduct: CODE10

  1. We are wholeheartedly engaged in health and safety activities to construct healthy and safe work environments.
  2. We observe all applicable laws and regulations, including those related to anti-corruption, antimonopoly, and international trades.
  3. We disclose correct financial information.
  4. We take responsibility for observing all internal regulations.
  5. We perform corporate activities with integrity, honesty, fairness, and rightfulness, and maintain and develop mutual trust with all stakeholders.
  6. We contribute to development of sustainable society.
  7. We pursue and promote corporate activities that take environmental issues into proper consideration.
  8. We provide added values through our creative and incessant improvement activities.
  9. We respect human rights.
  10. We respect and accept diversities in the Company and society, and are actively engaged in D&I initiatives where differences can be effectively utilized.
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