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Inquiries about IR (investor relations) and other matters

You can use this form to submit your inquiry about our IR (investor relations).

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  • This website contains forward-looking statements such as earnings forecasts and business plans. These are prepared based on certain assumptions such as the economic environment and business policies at the time of preparation. Accordingly, actual results may differ from these earnings forecasts due to various factors.
  • Replies we send to shareholders, investors or customers by email are individual messages addressed to each relevant person. We kindly ask you to refrain from repurposing or secondary use of all or part of these messages.
  • We will responsibly manage personal information provided by shareholders, investors and customers. We will use such information only to respond to inquiries and neither disclose information to any third party nor use it for any other purposes.
  • If you trade our shares after making an inquiry to us about information that constitutes a material fact as defined in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act within 12 hours of disclosure (prior to "disclosure" as specified in Article 30 of the Order for Enforcement of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act) and receiving from us and reviewing our response regarding the content of such information within 12 hours of disclosure, you might be subject to insider trading regulations as an "information recipient (person who has received a communication of a material fact prior to disclosure)” under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act. For information that constitutes material facts, please be aware of this.
  • However, if the response you receive from us is the same as information already disclosed on TDnet, regardless of whether received "within 12 hours of publication," such information will be deemed as having been "published" in accordance with Article 30 of the Order for Enforcement of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and therefore you will not be subject to insider trading regulations as "information recipient." Information disclosed on TDnet will also be posted on the Company Announcements Disclosure Service on the homepage of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) website. Shareholders, investors and customers can explore TDnet or the TSE homepage to see whether or not information is already disclosed. Please be advised that whether the information is disclosed or not should be checked by shareholders, investors, and customers themselves as this is a matter of laws and regulations to which individual shareholders, investors, and customers making inquiries are subject to.

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