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Information Security Policy

Elematec Corporation and its subsidiaries (hereinafter the "Elematec Group") aim at building a firm position in electronics industries and achieving further growth by providing multiple services to customers. For that purpose, the "Information Security Policy" (hereinafter the "Policy") is established in consideration of the need to emphasize the security of information assets and to enhance countermeasures against information leaks. The Elematec Group endeavors to comply with the Policy and maintain its information security management system.

  1. The "Information Assets" subject to this Policy shall mean any and all information learned in the course of business activities conducted by the Elematec Group and held by the Elematec Group for the purpose of its businesses.
  2. The Elematec Group shall build up its information security management system by trying to protect all of the Information Assets held by the Elematec Group and complying with laws and ordinances on information security. Through this effort, the Elematec Group will seek to gain the public trust.
  3. We will appoint the "information security manager," whose roles are performed by the "President"
  4. The Elematec Group shall establish regulations in accordance with the Policy and laws and ordinances on information security, and comply with regulations.
  5. Information security audits are performed regularly to check the status of compliance with regulations, etc.; and the audit results are reported to the "information security manager." At a management meeting convened by the "President" company-wide information security compliance status will be reported to discuss and coordinate relevant measures and improvement possibilities, as necessary.
  6. A strong system to prevent unauthorized intrusions, leaks, alterations, loss, destruction, and interruption of use with respect to the Information Assets shall be realized. In building up the information system, countermeasures for security shall be the first priority.
  7. The Elematec Group shall ensure that all of its members conduct their businesses with a full understanding of information security.
  8. When the Elematec Group intends to outsource any business for the operation or preservation of Information Assets, it shall confirm the qualifications of the outsourcees and request the outsourcees to maintain a level of security comparable to that maintained by the Elematec Group. In order to confirm whether the security level is maintained by the outsourcees, the Elematec Group shall continuously review the outsourcees.
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