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Basic Policy

This organization shall carry out effective and consistent information disclosure to achieve the following objectives:

  1. We will build trust with stakeholders by fulfilling our responsibility to proactively and effectively disclose and explain information.
  2. Through timely and fair information disclosure, we will implement appropriate share valuation that accurately reflects this company's corporate value as well as society's valuation.
  3. Through two-way communication with stakeholders, we will feed back stakeholder opinions to management to aid in increasing corporate value.

Information Disclosure Standards

Our disclosure is made in accordance with applicable laws and regulations such as Japan's Company Law and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, as well as the Timely Disclosure Regulations (the "Regulations") enacted by the Tokyo Stock Exchange ("TSE").Also, if there is financial and non-financial information that is voluntary to disclose because it does not fall under legal and timely disclosure rules, but which could significantly affect investors' investment decisions, we actively disclose such voluntary-disclosure information.

Methods of Information Disclosure

Information that falls under the Timely Disclosure Rules ("timely-disclosure information") is disclosed through the TDnet system provided by the TSE. After initial disclosure, we promptly provide timely-disclosure information to the news media and post it on our corporate website. Also, if there is voluntary-disclosure information (information that does not fall under legal and timely disclosure rules) which could significantly affect investors' investment decisions, we are endeavoring to ensure that such information is provided as much precisely and fairly as possible to general investors in an appropriate manner in light of the purpose of timely disclosure. To ensure that investors outside Japan also receive timely and accurate information, we promptly post to our website English translations of timely-disclosure information and voluntary-disclosure information soon after it is disclosed in Japan. In addition, to ensure that our disclosures reach a wide range of investors promptly, accurately, and fairly, we make arrangements so that information is conveyed through news media and institutional investors and analysts. When we announce our financial results twice a year (first-half financial results and term-end financial results), we hold results briefing sessions for institutional investors and analysts, and we take great care with the information we release in our announcements. In addition, after holding our twice-yearly results briefing sessions, we promptly post video of the sessions to our website, and we also post materials giving an overview of financial results for each quarter.

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