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The Group will strive to further strengthen the businesses having potential for demand growth and enhance added value in the increasingly competitive electronics industry. To this end, the Group will promote product modularization and focus more on conducting activities to sell various types of automobile-related materials, strengthening its original design manufacturing (ODM) business, and developing business friendly to the global environment.

Unit: millions of yen
  Results for
FY 2022
Financial Forecast for FY 2023 Year-on-year
Net Sales200,646243,500+21.4%
Operating Income8,34611,650+39.6%
Ordinary Income7,86710,950+39.2%
Net Income attributable to owners of parent5,3747,550+40.5%

Forecasts on future performance are based on the Judgement and assumptions of management using information presently available. Actual performance may greatly diverge from forecasts due to fluctuations in risks and various uncertainties, and changes in economic climate.

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